Keynote Speaker - Emre Ozer

Towards Low-cost Bespoke Computing with Flexible Electronics

Abstract: This talk introduces the emerging field of flexible electronics, its advantages over conventional silicon-based electronics, how flexible electronics impacts the consumer and other market segments in the industry, and how it offers opportunities for low-cost bespoke computing systems built on flexible substrates. The talk will cover the flexible electronics application space, history of flexible processors and sensors, motivation of bespoke flexible processors and Arm’s current research activities on developing bespoke processors for the emerging flexible electronics market.

Dr. Emre Ozer

Principal Research Engineer Arm

Speaker Bio

Dr Emre Ozer joined Arm in 2005, and is a Principal Research Engineer in Arm Research. He received his PhD in North Carolina State University (NCSU) in 2001. His research topics are energy-efficient architectures, flexible electronics/ICs, fault tolerance, machine learning algorithms/hardware and biocomputing. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, and holds over 20 US patents. He has represented Arm in many European projects since 2008 including Hipeac1-5, EuroCloud, and TCLS ARM for Space. Currently, he is the technical coordinator of the Innovate UK project called “PlasticArmPit” developing bespoke ML compute engines on plastic that are tightly coupled to plastic e-nose sensors.